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[:en]Where do Albanians study?[:]

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[:en]Every year, four thousand to five thousand graduates leave Albania, choosing to study abroad for various reasons. Where are the Albanians studying? "Italy takes first place with 33%, Greece 11%, Germany 3% and Great Britain 10%. We have 10% of applicants coming from Kosovo and 8% from Macedonia" says Deputy Minister of Education, Ervin Demo. Returnees requiring a diploma in the Ministry of Education are two categories. Those who want to work in the administration or those who belong to legally-regulated professions, such as doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and teachers. "The number of students who have asked for a diploma in the last two years is about 1700" Demo explains. According to the instruction of the Ministry of Education for Foreign Diplomas Assessment, the procedure lasts from 45 days to 3 months. In the absence of a response from foreign universities, the procedure lasts even longer. "Most of the diploma math procedures will soon try to offer online students so that they do not waste their time in the office," said the deputy minister. Although recent years have seen a growing tendency to study in Germany, this tendency will be reflected in statistics only when graduates return to Albania and apply for equivalent degrees. Likewise, figures do not even consider the young people who have studied theology predominantly in Muslim countries, for which diploma calculation is not a necessity. The diploma equivalence does not even require young people working in the private sector.[:]

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