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“We support Albania in the path of integration”

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[:en]"Albania's progress towards integration into the European Union is visible, the process continues and we will support Albania," these are the words od the former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, at the Tirana-based conference "Role of Partners in Transition of Albania ". Romano Prodi, former European Commission President and former Italian Prime Minister, said, that every time he comes to Albania, he sees positive changes. "European countries should help countries that are in the process of integration, to make progress and Albania is on its way to integration. Whenever I come to Albania I see changes. We need to help with other steps to walk through this process. We must be optimistic about the future" he said. He continued "an important point is the reforms that have to be implemented with precision. Priority is the implementation of judicial reform, reform of the justice system, fight against crime and corruption. Everything should be done with the greatest speed possible, it's time to act. We also have to take action to fulfill what is left, "Prodi said. While the Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Ambassador Bernd Borchardt, stated that "this conference reminds us of the 20 years of the OSCE Presence in Albania as part of the international contribution to the Albanian transition". "20 years during which a radical development has taken place. Only 20 years ago, Franz Vranitzky and the OSCE Presence came here to support Albania's reconstruction. Today, we are far from the level of those days. Albania has gone a long way ahead, but there are still big challenges". According to Borchardt, this conference is intended to encourage Albanian and other scholars to analyze more deeply the role of internationals here.[:]

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