[:en]Tirana, part of the "Winter Pret-Christamas Market" in Brussels[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Tirana, part of the “Winter Pret-Christamas Market” in Brussels[:]

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[:en]For the first time, Tirana becomes part of one of the largest annual European fairs, "Winter Pret-Christmas Market", which opens annually in Brussels from 24 November to 31 December 2017. At the official opening ceremony of the fair attended the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, accompanied by the Mayor of Brussels, Philip Closse. The mayor of Tirana stressed that this is a fantastic opportunity, which serves as a beautiful postcard for the capital and Albania in the eyes of visitors and investors. "I am pleased that thanks to the support of the head of the Brussels City Hall and the entire group of entrepreneurs, such as in Belgium, like those in Albania, we made it possible for us to have a presence in what is probably the largest end-of-year fair today throughout the world. More than 2 million people will be walking on this road. I'm sure you will be able to be a Tirana postcard, a postcard of Albania, of good Albania, of Albania that needs to show its true image, that it has culture, that there are wise people and knowing, to show its cuisine, that has a history, beautiful places, taste and aesthetics" said Veliaj. The head of the Municipality of Tirana stressed that Albanians today have a historic duty to show the best values ​​of our country and expressed the conviction that the relations that will be created at this fair among people are what really make us Europeans. "We Albanians today have a historic duty on the image of our country and to show the true face of Albania, a generous Albania, an Albania that loves beauty and works hard to reach it be a worthy member of the European family. Procedures to become members of the European Union take their time, but I believe that relations between people are irreplaceable relationships and the relationships that will be created today among people and throughout this month of the holiday are what really make us Europeans" he said. Veliaj thanked our embassy in Brussels and the various organizations working in the Diaspora for their support and efforts in these years to preserve and follow the new generation of culture and traditions of our country. "I thank all the embassy staff and our mission here, who does a great job. I would like to thank all Diaspora organizations. I know how difficult it is to keep engaged people, striving for language, tradition, and culture, so all those who run an organization, be it a cultural or student organization, thank you wholeheartedly" said the mayor. Brussels Mayor Philip Closse described our country and Tirana, the capital of Albanians, as the honor guests of this edition of the Winter Pret. Earlier, Mayor Veliaj was received in the office of his counterpart, Philip Closse, where they talked about enhancing relations and cooperation between the two cities, as well as realizing joint projects. In gratitude and appreciation for the contribution given to the support of Albanians living there, Veliaj donated to his Belgian counterpart, the "Kullën e Sahatit" of Tirana. During the visit in Brussels, Mayor Veliaj also met with the Albanian community working and living there, and placed a bouquet of flowers in the bust of our National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. For five consecutive weeks, typical Albanian products, such as those of wine, olive oil, handicrafts, medicinal products, and tourism products will be promoted at one of the largest fairs in Europe, visited annually by more than 2,000.000 visitors from all over the world. During the evenings, typical Albanian products can be enjoyed, combined with artistic performance by the Tirana Ensemble Group. https://youtu.be/DYqTYknyHQY[:]

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