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[:en]The wealth of products made in Albania[:]

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[:en]Today, households are turning to more and more "made in Albania" agricultural products and traditional Albanian cuisine not only for the nutritional value they bring but also for the particular taste. The growing interest of consumers for "bio" agricultural products is being widely used not only in family kitchens but also wider. The positive side of this "magical" Albanian consumption business is also for farmers, as traditional cuisine is bought for traditional cooking. This fact has also highlighted today the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Niko Peleshi, in a video posting on the social network Facebook, citing "We have a tremendous treasure in Albanian recipes and products, often tending to find the formal way of market" . Valbona has found the way, writes Peleshi. While in the video Valbona shows that the daily cooks at her home, she makes with products from her parents' farm living in Lushnje. For a long time, I am supplying agricultural and livestock products from my parents' bunk, says Valbona. While showing that cooking with these products is quite liked by her family. It even appeals to households to use local Bio Albanian products, which offer diversity of recipes and tastes.[:]

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