[:en]The Special Court will also deal with the material compensation of war victims[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]The Special Court will also deal with the material compensation of war victims[:]

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[:en]War Crime Victims, committed in Kosovo during 1998-2000, will be able to participate through their representatives (lawyers) in the court proceedings of Specialized Houses of Kosovo (Special Court for Kosovo) in The Hague and based on the Court's decisions to compensate for the losses or injuries they suffered. Specialized Chambers are part of the Kosovo justice system, but their headquarters are in The Hague, and represent the Court which will prosecute only criminal offenses "crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes under Kosovo's laws in relation to allegations from the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe of 7 January 2011, which includes serious violations of international law, "reports Tanjug, followed by Telegraph. Whoever obtains the status of the victim decides the court, and all persons who are deemed to have been injured will be able to ask the court for eviction status only after the publication of confirmed indictments, which must be filed with the Special Prosecutor's Office, David Schëendiman. According to the rules of the Court, the status of victims in the proceedings may require any natural person who believes that he personally suffered physical, material or mental harm as a direct consequence of the criminal offense of the confirmed indictment. The court says that the one who wants to qualify as a victim, together with the petition, must provide sufficient evidence of the damage he has suffered. Claims on the status of a victim, applicants will have to offer the victim's attendance service before the trial begins, the court announcement says, but does not specify how long before the trial. Victims who have been admitted to take part in the proceedings, depending on the court's decision, will form one or more groups, while in court will represent a representative appointed by the Registrar of the Court. Representatives will be tasked with regularly informing victims about developments in the procedure, may seek to express their views and highlight problems related to the procedure and inform the judge about it, the Telegraph conveyed. During his representation, he may attend the hearing and present oral and written submissions and question witnesses when the Court considers that this requires the protection of personal interests and the rights of victims. Also, a victim's representative may, by a decision of the Court, have access to the materials necessary to represent a group of victims, is entitled to his statement at the opening and closing of the proceedings, and to request that the Trial Chamber issue an order to file evidence and hear witnesses about the consequences of crimes committed against victims if these aspects were not adequately presented during the proceedings. "After the court proceeds, the court can make a decision on compensation for the damage, loss or damage suffered by the victim and that may be the basis for determining the compensation," the court said. This means that the Specialized Chambers will not determine the amount of compensation for the damage, but the ruling will be the basis for filing a claim for damages. Victims before the court can only represent authorized representatives registered in the court file, ie those who, within the prescribed time limit, meet the conditions for registration. The contest for filing a lawyer, which will defend future defendants, was announced on 6 November this year. The Special Court will deal with indictments for war crimes committed in Kosovo from 1998 to 2000.[:]

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