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The mysteries of the Sazan island that are waiting to be discovered by tourists

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With an enigmatic history, Sazani is the only genuine island of the Albanian coast. An unmatched beauty of our water nature, which again remains in the mysterious framework.

History has talked about Sazan as one of the most suitable fortifications to protect the city of Vlora and its surrounding shores. Today, this story has come to an end because Albania is a member of NATO and Sazani can turn into one of the most interesting tourist pearls in the Mediterranean.

The name of Sazan Island is mentioned in ancient times, beginning in the 6th century, p.e.s. named SASON. During the Middle Ages, the island moved to Venice, while during the Balkan Wars, Greece conquered the island. The Decisions of the Ambassadors Conference in London in 1913 forced him to retreat from Sazan. During the First World War, the island was occupied by Italy. The Vlora War in 1920 made it possible for them to withdraw from Vlora, but remained under Sazanin, until 1943 when Albania was occupied by the German Nazis.

On October 21, 1944, the island was liberated and since then it is part of the integrity and sovereignty of the Albanian state.

During the Cold War period, Sazani along with the military naval base of Pasha Limani, Orikum of Vlora, became one of the key points of the Soviet and Albanian Red Army in the Mediterranean. From the time of Julius Caesar until the Second World War, a number of naval battles have developed on the coast around the Vlora Bay, with the result that some of the ships were drowned.

A part of underwater relics such as amphora and other objects have been recovered by Albanian archeologists and are exhibited at the National History Museum and the Archaeological Museum in Durres. During the Cold War era, the Sazan island served as a naval base in which mainly the four-seater vessels, coastal artillery, etc. were located. During that period, the island was inhabited by about 10,000 residents who were mostly family members of officers serving on the island. During the Cold War, the Sazani island along with Vlora Bay was considered the most difficult front for the Albanian Army. For this reason, people who served on the island had special treatment from the government of that time.

The island's surface is 5.7 square kilometers and lies at the entrance to the Gulf of Vlora. Its geographic extent is southeast-northwest at a length of 4.8 kilometers. Its largest width is 2 kilometers. The coastline of the island is a bit rugged. On the western side almost in the midst of it is formed the Hell's Gulf, which is a small but open and deep inlet. On the east coast is formed the Gulf of St. Mark, where the sea-marina port of the island is built and in the south lies the Japrak's Bay.

This is where the Admiral's Beachfront is located. The island consists of two monolithic rock hills with a maximum height of 342 meters. Creating this relief immediately from the sea creates the impression of a great height. The altitude of the island is lowered from the edges to the center. Its two valleys, that of Perroti i Xhehemem and the stream of Shënkollit, departing from the Neck of Vidheve, divide the island in two parts, the northern one, which is the highest, 342 meters and in the South, with a height of 331 meters.

Being a protected military area, the island's flora and fauna have remained untouched. This has enabled the avoidance of illegal hunting, as well as abuses and other damages.

The island's periphery has many beautiful and unexploited beaches.

And indeed, taking a look at the shores of this island, marvel at the beauty of beaches, caves, huts and history.

Underwater caves such as Haxhi Alia, Devil's Gulf, and others are the largest ones that can be found in the Mediterranean. Today they are a real challenge for divers and a special attraction for underwater sports.

Sazani Island is today visited by amateur underwater explorers, speleologists, nature enthusiasts, but recently, the island has become an attraction for free tourism.

Sazani remains a new opportunity for Albanian tourism.

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