[:en]The death of the young Albanian shooks Iceland[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]The death of the young Albanian shooks Iceland[:]

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[:en]The 20-year-old Albanian, Klevis Sula, has died in Iceland, where he lived, until he died after the wounds he had taken from stabbing. But who were the attackers yet is not officially announced. "Grapevine.is" according to its sources, Sula and another Albanian had approached a man who was crying, and when they approached to comfort him, they were attacked, followed by albinfo.ch. An Icelandic who struck Klevis and his knife friend several times left the scene until he was arrested and held in custody. Even Klevis's friend has been injured and is still being treated after the injuries he has taken. Friends and family have opened a memorial site where they are seeking donations to help with funeral expenses and other expenses. Klevis's cousin, Krist Ismailaj, has said that Klevis has been a good guy, calm and helpful. But, a friend of Klevis, wrote a script on social networks, describing how the event happened, and ironizing "the safest state in the world." "Want to know how he died? He was smoking a cigar outside a cafe and a man was crying beside him. He went and offered help, but in return took a sharp knife. So easy is to die in one of the countries considered the safest in the world, "he writes. Meanwhile, details of the attacker have not yet been provided. There have been reports in the Albanian media that he was killed by another Albanian, while some have said an Icelandic.[:]

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