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The characteristic clothing of Has women

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A wooden bend placed on the waist is a characteristic outfit that we find only in the women of Hasi.

Many have asked for what that  part serve, in the local language is called 'gold' that is glued to the waistband, wrapping it in the best part, where the upper and lower garments join.

In many provinces, or ethnographic areas, this part of the dress varies greatly from appearance to appearance and not to its function and history.

Hats wear, namely the dressing of women with towers, is the most specific dress not only of the province of Has, but across the Dukagjini plain.

The transfer of the gold to Hasan women was forced.

Most men were in the curbs, and they were both men and women, and until the time of the war it is known that Hasi was a waterless location, so it was otherwise called Hasi i Thate.

While she parted with wood in her waist, she was serving to carry the water that was often forced to be carried by the White Drin or any remote source.

In addition, the women from Hasi have also worked the fields, and that part also served to carry food on the field, as well as the children's cradles they took with them in the fields.

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