[:en]The Bosnian government sends 50 tons of grain in Albania[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]The Bosnian government sends 50 tons of grain in Albania[:]

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[:en]At an urgent meeting, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's government took the decision to deliver 50 tons of grain from these 25 tons of corn and 25 tons of wheat from its reserves to assist the Albanian authorities as part of an international aid to cope with the floods that affected Albania earlier this month, sarajevotimes.com reported. The Federal Civil Protection Administration is tasked with transporting this humanitarian aid, while the government will cover transits costs. Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Department of State Reserves and the Federal Civil Protection Administration are responsible for implementing this decision. At the beginning of December, the rains caused flooding in the south and in the center of Albania.[:]

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