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[:en]The Albanian singer who has conquered the scene in Switzerland[:]

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[:en]Finally, Lorena participated in the prestigious Swiss children's competition "Kids Voice Tour 2017 - Riviera Center-Rennaz", where she requires the vote to further penetrate this very important race. Lorena Beadini is only 14, but is a great talent of music. She is participating in various competitions, highly praised for her appearances, writes albinfo.ch. Finally, Lorena has participated in the prestigious Swiss Children's Voice Tour 2017 - Riviera Center-Rennaz, where it takes the vote to break through this very important race. This year she was also the finalist of "Rookies" at Zentralschweiz Talentshow in Zug. Two years ago she was the finalist of this race. Lorena Beadini is born in Switzerland, her parents are from Macedonia. His father is from Tetovo, while his mother is from Skopje. Lorena is one of the Albanian talents that are expected to become a popular name in the music world. Ever since childhood she was distinguished for her musical talent. At the age of 6 she has had the opportunity to sing in front of the public. With powerful voice Lorena Beadini received long applause from the Swiss audience. Lorena says she can sing in several foreign languages, but also in Albanian. "In addition to English, I also sing in Spanish, Italian, French, but also in Albanian. My wish is to sing in front of the Albanian public ". Although she is only 14, she is considered a bright future, perhaps following the path of famous Albanian singers such as Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha. Link to vote for Lorena Beadin: http://www.kidsvoice.ch/de/videos/casting-tour-2017/riviera-rennaz-rennaz/[:]

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