[:en]Talat Xhaferri on Top Story: “Albanian language in Macedonia, within January”[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Talat Xhaferri on Top Story: “Albanian language in Macedonia, within January”[:]

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[:en]Seven months after the biggest political crisis in Macedonia, and after the attack inside the Parliament building, the Parliament Speaker of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferri, comes tonight on Top Story. The appointing of the very first Albanian Speaker in Macedonia didn’t go without problems. Many remember how violent protesters enter the Parliament that day. “Investigations will show what happened that day. The life of every Albanian MP was in danger. The attack put the entire safety of Macedonia in danger”, Xhaferri says, noting that the incident could have provoked an ethnic war. As for the recent conflict inside the Albanian Parliament, not very different from the one in Skopje, Xhaferri noted that the Albanians in Macedonia and in other countries’ don’t welcome such situations. “The reaction of Albanians in Macedonia is that they don’t accept such actions. Their expectancies are that institutions should be functional”, Xhaferri declared. The Speaker spoke about the space that has been left to the Macedonian opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE, to create its new internal institutions. “We will learn on December 23rd who will be the new leader of VMRO-DPMNE. We did a good thing to wait for the internal elections of this party before discussing important matters”, he said. The ruling party, Zaev’s Social Democratic Party of Macedonia, had many Albanian politicians running for them. The party also has an Albanian vice leader, raising questions if this is a normal behavior, or a failure of Albanian parties. Xhaferri said that they will have to wai for the next elections before finding out the real cause. As for the promises of Zaev regarding Albanian as second official language, Xhaferi said this will be the first test. “The law for the Albanian language will be the first test for the promises of Zaev. The law could pass within this year, but most probably in January 2018”, Xhaferi said. Top Channel[:]

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