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Swedish Nomad: 15 interesting facts that only happen in Albania

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Albania is considered, but it is also suggested by many foreign media, one of the destinations to be visited during 2018.

The famous travel blog Swedish Nomad has listed 15 facts from Albania, which are unique and hard to find in other countries.

15 interesting facts, which are also fun.

1. There are more Albanians living abroad than within the territory of Albania. The largest communities of the Albanian Diaspora have been found especially in Italy, Argentina, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. And of course Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are full of Albanians.

2. There is no McDonald in Albania. If you are looking for a McDonald's restaurant in Albania, it will take a lot of time, as there is not one in any corner of the country. However, there is a similar fast-food chain called Kolonat.

3. Albanian language is very unique. There is no other language similar to Albanian. It is known as Indo-European language, although it has "an independent branch in the tree of the languages". There are many dialects, but the two main ones are Tosk and Geg.

4. The evening walk. An Albanian tradition where people go on a stroll on a main street. It's a good way to talk.

5. There were only 3,000 vehicles throughout the country after the collapse of communism. At the end of the communist era, there were about 3 million people in the country, but there were only 3,000 cars. This was because private cars were illegal during communism.

6. "Yes" means "No" and "No" means "Yes". This may make you somewhat confused, but when the Albanians answer yes they mean "no" and when they shake their head they say "yes". Keep this in mind if you usually answer head-to-head questions.espresso

7.Officially 70% of Albanians are Muslims, but the number of Albanians who practice this religion is lower. These are official numbers, but in reality, there are fewer people who actively practice religion. This is also due to the fact that religion was banned during the communist era. Albania became the first country in the world to adopt atheism under the rule of Enver Hoxha.

8. Coffee culture is high. Especially espresso is a part of everyday culture and life. You will see people sitting in bars and cafes all the time. Many also start the day with a Turkish coffee.

9. Once you've cut your hair, the barber can give you a slap. Once shot you can tell you a "healthful" meaning that he is doing "for your health".

10. Albania has more than 3250 different plant species. This is equivalent to 30% of all European flora. There are a variety of plants and flowers.

11.Superstitions. In general Albanians are known as superstitions, especially in older generations. It is not uncommon to believe in good or bad luck, such as: Do not cut the  nails at night, if your eyes  shaken, something bad happens, you should not throw bread, you shuold not go home with your left leg, Tuesday is a bad luck day etc. All these are signs that bad fate follows. But there are other signs that can be good luck, such as when a bird can put a head on it, or when a baby can urinate on your lap. For these you do not have to worry because you expect something good.

12. Albania has 70% of its surface covered by mountains. It may seem to you to be the site of mountains, as 70% of the territory is covered by them. The highest mountain is Korab with a height of 2764 meters.

13. National Geographic describes it as one of the best destinations in 2018. In recent years, tourism has grown so much in Albania and more and more people are discovering this beautiful country.

14. Over 700 000 bunkers were built during the communist era. There are many bunkers. However, many of them are ruined, but there are still some that have remained to test their previous existence. Some of them are also done in bars, cafés and so on.

15. Mother Teresa is an Albanian and received the NOBEL award. She is considered the heroine of the country and is the only Albanian who has received the Nobel Prize.

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