[:en]Snow and a big cold, an Albanian couple lives in carton boxes[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Snow and a big cold, an Albanian couple lives in carton boxes[:]

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[:en]The cases of Albanian immigrants who go to European Union countries to seek asylum are numerous. They can face difficult situations because they are considered as persons coming from a safe country of origin. Just a few days ago, a large number of Albanian asylum seekers were expelled from France and Germany, but the number of those still in the streets of these two countries remains high. But French media ladepeche.fr talks about asylum seekers wandering the streets of the city of Toulouse, where the shelter has a cardboard box. As the snow falls and the thermometer marks below zero, ten people slept in tents for several days in Toulouse, France, near the Roguet town buildings in the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood. In Toulouse the asylum seekers, most of these adults, are political refugees. They come from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka or Albania. An Albanian couple built an improvised hut in a corner with a cardboard wall to close the spaces so that the wind would not enter. Those two months they go to the Joseph Ducuing hospital to take care of their health after suffering from diabetes.[:]

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