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[:en]Samed Memaj, a fighter with an eagle[:]

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[:en]He is Samed Memaj, a young champion of Thai Boxe and other combat disciplines. Raised in Florence, Samed moved from Scutari (Albania) at the age of three. Like him there are many so-called "second generation" youth, children of immigrants born and / or raised in this country, Italy. They speak Italian perfectly, but what I say, Italian is their mother tongue in reality, they feel they belong to this country and abroad they defend the tricolor when they get in the ring. Italy can only be proud of these young people, just as those countries that were the birthplace of these champions or their parents should be proud and that almost always these young people do not forget, like Samed, that carries also the bicep eagle on his shoulders, ready to fly it along with the tricolor every time he climbs into the ring and manages to emerge victorious at the end of each fight. Freely transled and adapted from the original post of Arbër Agalliu  on AlbaniaNews https://youtu.be/uyTA4Ya4vHk[:]

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