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Rama invites immigrants: Invest in agrotourism

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Agrotourism can develop all those rural areas that do not have access to the sea and to agricultural markets due to difficult geographic positions.

Prime Minister Edi Rama today addressed an invitation to all immigrants living abroad to come to Albania and invest in agro tourism.

At a meeting with tour operators, Rama estimated that the hilly rural area of ​​Durres has an extraordinary potential for agrotourism, as it offers fantastic opportunities to be exploited.

With agrotourism, Rama said, we are opening a way to channel the money of immigrants into the Albanian economy.

"A number of immigrants who are struggling every day and save to help their family or to guarantee the future, I am convinced that if they invest their savings in homes in the countryside for agrotourism, they will have a yearly income from this investment a lot more rather than work on behalf of someone else, "Rama said.

According to him, "to this day, it was nice but difficult with 20% VAT and 15% Tax on Profit, and with a banal tourism that ran with bread, and with underwater wastes."

This, Rama said, could not be a reason for emigrants to seriously think their investment in tourism.

"Agrotourism gives a chance to those who do not have a house on the edge of the sea and have no access to the agricultural market due to difficult geographic positions, but have a beautiful tradition that can turn them into a tradition of hospitality based on success and profit, "Rama said.

We will not cease promoting agrotourism, he continued, pointing out that residents of these areas can invest and with the support of the government can export hospitality, taste and tourism.

"This is the reason why even for agrotourism we did the same treatment as 4 and 5 star hotels, reducing VAT to 6% and Taxing Profit 5% and removing any other tax on construction permit," Rama added./ata

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