[:en]Pope's Prayers at Sunday's Mass was dedicated to Albania[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Pope’s Prayers at Sunday’s Mass was dedicated to Albania[:]

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[:en]At Sunday Mass, Pope Francis prayed for people affected by natural disaster, for Albanians and for the Indians. In St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis has prayed for the Albanian people affected by floods and for the Indians hit by cyclone Okhi. "I am near, he said, to the Indian population affected by the Okhi cyclone and to the families of many lost fishermen. I am near, said the Holy Father, to the Albanians that are severely affected by the many floods in the country." The severe condition in which many areas in Albania were involved after the recent floods of recent days has been followed with attention by all the Italian media and by the Radio Television of the Holy See. "The Albanian authorities have asked for help from the international community to cope with the emergency caused by the floods in the country," Radio Vatican writes. https://youtu.be/ted55bk40uc[:]

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