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“Pelasgians were before the Greeks”

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At the time when today's Macedonians are trying to create a story they do not have, researcher Arsim Spahiu brings the publication "On Mythology and Religion of Old Macedonians".

The study, according to the author, proves that the Pelasgians, long before the Hellenists, had their own national and national epic, which later the aces absorbed and transformed into Greece's national epic.

"These are the first steps of Albanian mitography so far. Long before the Greeks reached the Balkans, they are Pelasgians. Pelasgians are the first to have created Pelasgian mythology, "says Spahiu.

Monograph comes in the wake of scientific arguments on the Pelasgian-Illyrian origin of Albanians in all their natural areas.

"It brings facts, very important data on the platelet genetic character of the known mitography so far as the Greek mitography. I reject it completely. The old Greek authors and today's best-known authors admit that the Greeks, when they came, had faith in myths and religions other than those found in Pellazgji, "adds Spahiu.

To bring this study, the author is based on the literature of French, American and Australian authors.



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