[:en]OSCE: Corruption in Albania is a serious obstacle for foreign investments[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]OSCE: Corruption in Albania is a serious obstacle for foreign investments[:]

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[:en]“Corruption is a serious obstacle for foreign investments. I am convinced that more should be done in the fight against corruption. It’s necessary to be efficient in the process of investigating and convicting people charged with corruption”. This was declared today by OSCE ambassador to Tirana, Bernd Borchardt at the conclusion of the project called “Supporting anti-corruption measures in Albania”. According to him, OSCE helped for the creation of the “stop-corruption” portal, which helped over 100 corruption cases to be referred to the prosecution. “But, where are the results? Where are the convictions? The same question must be asked about electoral crime. Where are the cases of electoral theft referred to the prosecution?”, he appealed. Meanwhile, Borchardt added that “another problem which relates to elections: the international community has long recommended the introduction of a legal framework on the funding of political parties in order to have an effective auditing system. How much have we advanced with this issue?”. “In other countries, strong institutions have proved to be very efficient tools in the fight against corruption. We recommend that Albanian authorities work for the creation of such institution. Reform in the justice system is important, but it is not everything. Corruption is a threat for every citizen. We encourage Albania do to more against it and OSCE remains committed to support Albania in every effort”, Borchardt concluded. /balkaneu.com/[:]

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