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OBRIE: Albanians in Macedonia should have state-forming status

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The Organization for Regional Cooperation and European Integration (OBRIE) has voiced the pro-referendum to be held in Macedonia for the agreement with Greece on the name issue. OBRIE estimates that with the passing of the referendum a Euro-Atlantic perspective will be opened for Macedonian citizens. This organization emphasizes the importance of the time period after the referendum, where the process of constitutional changes is expected to open. "It is the time and the last moment for the Macedonian Constitution to guarantee a democratic state that respects all citizens' rights, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. With the constitutional changes, the status of Albanians, which make up about 30 percent of the population and which contribute strongly to the state budget, should be regulated, "states the reaction of OBRIE. This organization requires Albanian parties with the help of the international community to seek a clear definition of the Albanian people and the Albanian language in the Constitution of the country. "The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia should stipulate that the Macedonian language with the Cyrillic alphabet and the Albanian language with its alphabet are the official languages ​​of the Republic of Macedonia". State symbols should also reflect social multiethnicity and ethnic equality " It is also required that during the completion and improvement of the highest legal act, social and economic equality for all communities in the country is ensured. OBRIE demands that with the opening of the Constitution for the change of name to be initiated other changes for the advancement of the legal-constitutional status of Albanians in Macedonia.

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