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[:en]Number of Albanians working in Italy[:]

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[:en]The Italian Social Insurance Institute reported that currently in Italy there are 250 thousand Albanians regularly employed, who pay taxes and social security. But apart from being the largest number of employees, Albanians are also one of the foreign communities with the greatest economic power in Italy. According to the Leone Moresa Foundation, Albanian citizens working in Italy report an average of 3.5 to 3.7 billion euros annually. This figure is exactly as much as the state budget or as much as 30 percent of Albania's national output. Immigrants are an important economic source, not just for the host country, where they contribute to national production and the state's cash through taxes, but also to the country of origin. According to official data from the Bank of Albania, in the last ten years, Albanian emigrants working and living abroad have sent over 7 billion euros to their families in Albania. The vast majority of them came from only two countries, Italy and Greece, where there is also the largest number of emigrants Albanians.[:]

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