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[:en]Novara, Italy. Minor Albanians, the reporting to the Attorney[:]

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[:en]The Social Services of the Municipality of Novara have presented an exhibition to the Prosecutor's Office on unskilled Albanian minors who have been arriving in the city for a few months. "Since June," said the municipal councilor Iodice, "we have faced a new phenomenon, at least for us: there are about fifteen Albanian minors and in more than one case we have been a disconcerting fact. The boys were accompanied by adults (in two cases even the mother) practically to Novara, whether they had arrived by plane or ship in Puglia. And they all had a regular passport. The minors were then abandoned near the Questura". "The suspect - added Iodice - is that there is some sort of trafficking of these guys, with organizations dealing with getting them to Italy, specifically in Novara, so that they can be treated well and followed as perhaps in their own country it was not possible. That's why we reported the matter to the Procuratorate of Novara and the Prosecution of Minors in Turin. "[:]

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