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[:en]New Year’s Eve in 1901[:]

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[:en]The Albanian language we know today has evolved a lot with time, and before the Congress of Monastery there were many letters borrowed. Many letters have similarities to Greek ones, as long as the Albanian did not yet have its own unified alphabet. A congratulation in Albanian for the new year 1901.   Moti i ri 1901: Motin e ri per shume vjet, Ne e presim me gezime, Te mira shume sjellt sivjet, Qofte me shume fitime. Me shendet e jet te gjate, Gjith bijte e Shqiperise, Sjellt bereqet e drithe, Dhe shkolla te diturise, Shkolla me gjuhen tone, Te mbushet tere Shqiperia, Zot i madh siç e ka thene, Ne gjithe librat e tija. Freely traduced and adapted from the original post on unejamshqiptar.net[:]

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