[:en]”National Geographic” lists Albania among the 21 most famous tourist destinations in 2018[:]

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[:en]The famous National Geographic (NG) magazine, in its travel section, lists the most attractive places to visit by tourists during 2018. The magazine's selection has been made for three main categories, the cities to be visited, the culture to be seen as well as the nature to be enjoyed. "The key question of our 9.6 million readers was 'Where to Vacation?' Our answer is 21 destinations around the world, "says George Stone, editor of National Geographic, the travel section. According to NG, the best destinations in the world for 2018 are as follows: CITIES Dublin, Ireland Malmo, Sweden Pnom Pen, Cambodia San Antonio, Texas Santiago, Chile Sydney, Australia Tbilisi, Georgia CULTURE Klivlend, Ohio Frisland, The Netherlands Harar, Ethiopia Labrador, Canada Oaksaka, Mexico Tutuan, Morocco Vienna, Austria NATURE Albania Jordan Trail, Jordan Zhuzhu Province, Argentina Madagascar Oahu, Hawaii Ruaha, Tanzania Seoraksan National Park, South Korea.[:]

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