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[:en]Misena, the young Albanian risks expulsion[:]

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[:en]Her name is Misena and her story moved her whole high school. Schooled in Lorient, this young Albanian is now threatened with expulsion, with her brother and mother. A group organizes a demonstration of support, this Thursday, in front of his school. Only a hint of accent today betrays its origins. Shy, speaking an irreproachable French ... Misena has tears in her eyes when she talks about her future. "I am very afraid of having to go back to my country because I am threatened there, with my brother and my mother". Difficult to know more. If it is not for family reasons that made him leave Albania in disaster do not allow to recognize the political character of their request for asylum. An example of integration Arriving in France, barely two years ago, discreet and reserved, the student of the high school Dupuy-de-Lome is almost astonished by the mobilization that was made around her. "At first, she did not want to talk about it, and then we convinced her that something had to be done," explains Mathis Lecréour, Vice-President of the High School Council, at the head of the group of high school students who are mobilizing today around the girl. Since November 30, her mother received a letter informing her that the family had until December 21 to fulfill her obligation to leave the territory, failing which she could be taken back to the border. With her mother taking French lessons, and her brother Mirse, who attended the Lycée Professionnel Jean-Guéhenno in Vannes, she risks having to return to her country. An idea that, obviously, terrifies. "This situation is all the more absurd, as Misena and her brother are examples of integration," said André Garrec, a high school teacher. A finding that also shares Christine Sanchez, the main teacher of the class Misena. "Misena is an extremely bright student, she learned French in record time. Today she is perfectly able to pass the bac of French" says the teacher. Petition and gathering Spontaneously, a collective was formed to support the family. Composed of high school students, teachers, parents of students, he set up a petition. "We were surprised by the welcome this petition received from students. Already several whole classes have returned it. Social networks have also reacted very quickly, "said Yohann Méar, a member of Regards, the high school newspaper. And to challenge the authorities as quickly as possible, especially the mayor and the prefect, they will organize, tomorrow at 10 am, a rally in front of the school. "What is worrying is that it happens during the school holidays," insists André Garrec. Today the family's lawyer follows the case closely but there is urgency. It is also not excluded that the group will quickly set up another action, by going to the prefecture, for example  [:]

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