[:en]Meta with the Italian Minister: A dialogue bridge is needed to implement justice reform[:]

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[:en]Albanian President Ilir Meta has used the meeting with Italy's Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando to talk about political parties that need to establish a bridge for dialogue for the implementation of judicial reform. During the long conversation with the Italian Minister, the head of state said that the implementation of the reform is very important for the process to be led and established in the constitutional and Venetian lines, in the spirit of consensus reached on 21-22 July 2016. Meta said: "With special pleasure I met today the Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, who, after expressing my gratitude for the help that this country has given to Albania in the field of justice, underlined that in Albania it is very important to implement the reform in the system of justice, where parliamentary political forces must, without delay, set up bridges of constructive dialogue as soon as possible in order to lead and settle the process on the constitutional and Venetian lines in the spirit of consensus reached on 21-22 July 2016".[:]

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