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[:en]Magazine “Archeology”: Albania, a timely trip[:]

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[:en]The "Archeology" magazine, published by the American Institute of Archeology, has devoted a long writing to archaeological discoveries in Albania made possible by the construction of the TAP pipeline, which is being exploited by archaeologists as an opportunity for discoveries and to present the country's history since Neolithic times to this day. "Archaeologists, funded by the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), excavated and studied an ancient settlement near Peshtan, from where the pipeline would pass. But the pipeline route was diverted precisely to avoid the 1400-year-old settlement" writes the journalist Matthew Brunwasser. "In modern Albania, mixing of historical cultures is so pronounced that it seems that they will collide with one another ... It is worth mentioning the Via Egnatia, which for the first time was passed by Roman soldiers, about 200 BC. This road was modernized for centuries and became the connecting link between Constantinople and the Adriatic" he stressed. In this article it is also noted that TAP is almost parallel to the Egnatia road, the main antique artery between East and West. One of the most interesting discoveries made so far is the Turan settlement, whose cemeteries date back 2,000 years. Albania is a country that is developing rapidly. It attracted 4.7 million tourists in 2016 or 15 percent more than in 2015. "While most tourists come for virgin and free beaches, mountain climbing and ecotourism, the number of visitors to archaeological sites has also increased" Brunwasser writes.[:]

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