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Luxury hotels, not just in the Bay of Lalzi

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"The five-star hotels that are waiting to lay their foundations in Albania are looking for new alternatives and areas other than Lalzi Bay." This is how Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi said during a meeting with farmers in the area of ​​Gjepalaj.

"The Gjepalaj area has several hostels that function as agro-tourism. It's the area that will be the back-up of all the hotels that are built in the Golem area. The area in which we are here works perfectly even during the time, so off-season, but also within the tourist season, as at least 3-4 hotels that are 5 star-based hotels will look for areas and require alternative to the area Lalzi Bay, "said Klosi.

Klosi noted that from the area of ​​Bubqit to the area of ​​Ishmi will undoubtedly be required as they are near Tirana, near Durrës and with little infrastructure can be developed very easily.

"Here we are not far from Bubic and the entire bay of Lalzi and the development we are going to do in Rodon. What you are looking for is that we really should be prepared for another moment from next year. Several hundred or thousands of families are already in the Lalzi Bay during the summer season and would like to have the same quality treatment as in the cities they live in. It is expected 3-4 hotels that are claimed to be hotels of quality standards, service but also 5 star hotels that will want high standard and standard of food, "the minister explained.

Klos said that everything should be done "in these areas we have people, there are tourists, there are families who seek to consume, we must walk very fast." He considered these areas, as the gold medal of the inhabitants of big cities and tourists.

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