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Lini, the picturesque village is waiting for tourists

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Lini, a small village on Lake Ohrid, 22 km from the city of Pogradec, with a rare charm and stunning scenery is ready to host the tourists for the new tourist season.

With small built houses on the edge of the water, in the back of a hill not too high, with small, narrow streets paved with small stones, where you can hardly drive by, wakes the interest of all visitors or tourists domestic and foreign.

To the south of Lin, near Buqeza on the lake, 2-3m in the depths there are some palaces. It is a lakeside settlement, built on the lake's surface, such as Maliq in the district of Korça.

The traditions show that the Lin peninsula was once a beautiful, densely populated island. Life on this peninsula began in the first period of the Iron Age (which also belongs to the famous mosaics of Lin, located on the hill) and continued until the time of the Early Middle Ages. As for the origin of the name there are many stories.

One of them says that when the soldiers of Julius Caesar arrived on this hill were so astonished that they shouted Lyhnidas, which means "Lake of Light".

While residents themselves say that the village once stretched to the middle of the lake and then the new village was created. Everyone was saying, "The village was born" and was named Lin as an abbreviation of "Born."

Now after 2000 years, domestic and foreign tourists come to visit this stunning countryside and the impressive view that it offers.

In Lin there are several pleasant beaches with crystal clear water, sand and pebble.
A nice place for picnics is also the place called "Old Mill", with rippling springs and shades of trees.


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