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[:en]Lesson of Albanian language in Turkish schools[:]

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[:en]"Today, the Albanian language has been taught in elementary schools in Turkey. I have done about 600 km to give the first lesson (as a guest) in Izmir." So writes Qamil Bytyçi (Kamil Bitiss) in a post he made on facebok today. Bytyqi is the director of the Kosovo Cultural Center that operates in Istanbul since 2013, writes albinfo.ch. "After I gave my first lesson, without ceasing at all, I immediately went to Istanbul where I would also do 600 km to return. But I believe that it is worth the effort to have this honorable day to be the first to give the first lesson of the beautiful Albanian language in Turkey", further expresses his enthusiasm for the event, Bytyçi. "On this occasion I would like to thank the president of the association "Albanian Cultural Association in Turgutlu" Mehmet Yenir (Petrovci)", writes Qamil Bytyçi at the end of his post. [:]

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