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[:en]Kosovo solidarity with flooded areas[:]

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[:en]Kosovo expressed solidarity in support of the areas affected by recent flooding in Albania, sending a contingent of the Security Forces, as well as numerous food aid. "With these images of solidarity from Kosovo in support of flooded areas, I wish you a pleasant day," Prime Minister Edi Rama writes on Sunday in the Facebook social network. A contingent of the KSF with 37 troops, 19 vehicles and 1 self-owned Terex is participating in humanitarian operations in our country. The contingent of the Kosovo Security Force consists of units of the Battalion of Engineering, equipped with technical means for the construction of bridges. Meanwhile Kosovo has arrived in our country about 15 contingents with food aid last week to assist the areas of Fier and Vlora, which have been most affected by recent floods. Also, about 500 people from Prizren have prepared 500 packages of basic food aid to assist residents. Freely traducted and adapted from an original post on Atsh[:]

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