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Kadare is honored with the award of academic careers

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"Kadare's creativity remains the spiritual" bread, "which has nourished the imagination and has reshaped the missing dimensions of individual freedom of every Albanian."

These were the words dedicated to academician Ismail Kadare's award-winning academic award for 2017, by academician Academic Science Academy secretary Vasil S. Tole.

"As the proposer of this award at the jury, I belong to that generation whose reading books keeps long queues near the city's only library, where the line of people waiting was longer than in the ranks of food or food the other. The main path of righteous people is to avoid evil "- it is said in the sacred books. At that time and at this time, your literature has made us and makes us normal people, in a blessed place, but often overcome by evil.

According to Toles, the Albanian language had not achieved that expressive power found in Kadare's work.

"The Albanian language, our everyday language, never achieved that expressive power that we all find in your work. This work is the most indisputable confirmation of the equality of Albanian with any other language as a literary language and as an opportunity to pronounce and sing all possible worldly, literary, musical or scientific voices. Here we have a duty to clarify and your own role for the elevation of literary Albanian as a sovereign and decisive one. "

Meanwhile, in his speech on this occasion, Tole said his works are an achievement for all generations of Albanians.

"Beyond that, your entire career has been in the service of promoting the historical and cultural identity of Albanians. The other Albania, the shining, even in contempt, found in your work, is undoubtedly an achievement for which generations of Albanians should be and will be forever grateful. Albanian literature has waited five centuries to achieve what happened with your work to become European literature and world phenomenon at the same time. "

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