[:en]In Theth tourism in every season, over 80 thousand visitors only this year[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]In Theth tourism in every season, over 80 thousand visitors only this year[:]

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[:en]According to statistics released by the Shkodra Protected Areas Administration (ADZM) the Theth National Park has been very popular this year. There are about 80,000 tourists in the park. Of these, 39,000 are albanian and about 41,000 are foreign. There is a difference between foreign and domestic visitors. This is because Theth, through the media, is presented as a rare tourist destination, combining beautiful nature with mountainous relief, water resources, history and epiculture of the area. The visitors were local, coming from Kosovo, but also from all over Europe, mainly the Eastern one. Numerous tourists have also come from the United States. Shkodra AdZM specialists have been willing to accompany their arrival to the most scenic and toughest places to reach, mainly from those who like adventure. In the rare beauties of our country, Theth undoubtedly occupies the main place. It is located in the middle of the Alps with a stunning beauty, in the north of Albania, seventy kilometers from the city of Shkodra, protected by three mountains Radohima, Sheniku and Papluku, with altitudes above 2500 m above sea level. Alpine tourists like this nature and visit it every season of the year. The story of Theth and Shala is related to that of the Illyrian tribe of Labeat. Theth is a very ancient settlement based on historical records and archaeological discoveries. In 1916-1917, Theth was mentioned by Father Shtjefën Gjeçovi. The year 1921 Theth had a school built by the American Red Cross and then in 1936 opens the motorway that is accompanied a year later with the opening of a tourist agency. Over the years since 1968 there are several other tourist centers, and buildings, hotels and many facilities for the reception. In 1976, Theth was declared "National Park" and today is one of the most visited tourist spots by locals and foreign tourists.   Based on its features and location near the border of the three states, the park is called the "Peace Park", where it includes territories from both Kosovo and Montenegro. The natural resources of this area are linked together with the cultural and historical heritage of the local inhabitants, thus forming the most important bases for tourism development.[:]

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