[:en]In 1 week, 309 Albanians were not allowed to travel to the EU[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]In 1 week, 309 Albanians were not allowed to travel to the EU[:]

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[:en]Department for Border and Migration The Border Police throughout the country has intensified the work on preventing, evidencing and acquiring illegality at border crossing points as well as at the maritime borders. In this framework, during the week, Border Police patrolling the green border 23 citizens were arrested and prosecuted, who tried to cross the border illegally, as they had problems with their stay in the Schengen area. During this week, at all crossing points of border control, from the border police services were caught 9 persons looking for, for the account of the Local Police Directorates persons declared wanted for various criminal offenses. From the Crime Investigation Specialists in the Regional Border and Migration Directorates, 7 citizens were prosecuted for forgery of documents, as well as an Italian citizen for not declaring monetary values ​​at the border. During patrols on the Green Border, 21 citizens, clandestine, arrived from third countries voluntarily, through the green border with the Greek state, in order to move to one of the EU countries. During the patrol at the maritime border, two citizens have been prosecuted during this week, who have moved from the resorts with rubber boats without first notifying the movement. In terms of preventing and hitting illicit and narcotics traffic, this year, two cases of drug trafficking attempts and one case of motor vehicle traffic were hit. In implementation of the measures taken to prevent the attempt to cross the border with the aim of asylum seekers, at all border crossing points, as a result of the rigorous control of documentation for travel to EU countries, 309 citizens have been denied justified the reason for the move to EU countries. And in terms of preventing illegal trafficking that can be carried out through the green border, the Border Police is conducting joint patrols with border counterparts of Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, coordinating the actions. Joint patrols in the maritime space are being carried out with the BGF as well as cooperating with Greece and Montenegro. In terms of preventing and hitting narcotics traffic, the Border Police cooperates with counterparts and exchanges in real time information that is valuable to prevent and crack down on this criminal activity. The Border Police will intensify controls at the crossing points, and will further strengthen co-operation with counterparts in order to prevent, detect and crack criminal activity wherever it appears. Freely translated and adapted from the original post on Vloranew Original post: http://vloranews.net/ne-1-jave-309-shqiptare-nuk-jane-lejuar-te-udhetojne-per-ne/[:]

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