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[:en]Holy Mass in Albanian on December 27, in Washington D.C.[:]

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[:en]WASHINGTON DC: The Christmas atmosphere will also be present in the American capital for the first time with a holy Mass in Albanian on December 27, 2017, so at least it reports from Washington, today in Facebook's social media, Merita Bajraktari - McCormack. This ceremony, which has become a tradition in Christmas celebrations, will start on Wednesday, December 27, 2017, at 3 pm, and there will be a visit (pilgrimage) to the Albanian community in the US capital, Washington DC. According to the announcement that has been distributed by Mrs. McCormack and Mrs Zhiti, it is said that the Holy Mass in Albanian language will be celebrated by Father Mikel Pllumaj (of the Franciscan Order), at the Chapel of Our Lady's Council Well, holding a copy of the icon of "Our Lady of Shkodra" and is near the statue of St. Nicholas Theresa in Basilica, on the lower floor of the building. In the announcement they say that all Albanians are welcome, meanwhile they have also provided the address and other information found on this link http://www.nationalshrine.com/site/c.osJRKVPBJnH/b.4719297/k.BF65/Home.htm Finally, Mrs McCormack and Mrs Zhiti, please confirm your participation or any other information by contacting them at emails: edlirazhiti@yahoo.com or meritabmccormack@gmail.com. Translation of the article on BotaSot[:]

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