[:en]He went from Kosovo to Switzerland with only 20 francs, the story will surprise you[:]

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[:en]Peter, a 46-year-old man living in Brugg (AG), lost his portfolio at the job site in 2007. He had forgotten the case of the missing wallet when at at the time he was working as a fitters at a construction site in Härkingen of Solothurn, writes 20minuten.ch. But more than all that he had in him handbag,  was 20 francs. "It was blue in color from the previous generation," Mark says, who had kept that banknote as a memory since 1989. "At that time I had come from Kosovo to Switzerland and I had only these 20 francs," he explains. Together with his colleagues, he had checked all the "bartender" without success. "The hope that I would have my wallet back in my hands soon lost," says Mark. But the miracle happened a few days ago when it was called by the packing center. A local worker said his wallet was found under a car. Mark initially thought it was a misunderstanding. "I answered that my wallet was in my pocket." But it soon became clear that it was about the wallet lost 10 years ago. He went to Härkingen and took it. And what to see! Inside the wallet there were the identity papers, bank cards, etc. "I was most happy, of course, for the fact that the 20 francs banknote was still inside," says Marku. He has drawn a conclusion from all of this: "that the Swiss are really honest people."[:]

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