Has been found a mosaic with the message 'be happy, live life' from the 3rd century BC. - Albanians In The World

Has been found a mosaic with the message ‘be happy, live life’ from the 3rd century BC.

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In excavations in Antakia town of southern Turkey, a mosaic was discovered, in which in ancient Greek was written "be happy, live life").

The excavations started in 2012 in the framework of the construction of the cable car, where later various cultural heritage remains were discovered.

Archeology of the Archaeological Museum in Hatay, Demet Kara, said excavations are currently being carried out in the area which is believed to be part of the ancient city of Antiocheia, and where traces of the Roman and Greek periods can be seen.

She noted that this city was one of the largest centers of Roman rule.

"Antiocheia was a very rich and important city. There are schools and places of this period where money was forged. Mosaics from Antiocheie are very important, "said Kara, adding that there are streets paved with tiles of the Roman rule and precisely this period and cultural heritage has intrigued many outstanding archaeologists and scientists.

In the mosaic, inspirational messages can be seen in the skeleton, which supposedly belong to the third century BC and were placed in the dining room room of a house.

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