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Gulf of Gram, a marvelous marine that intrigues summer tourists

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We are at the beginning of the summer tourist season and the sea becomes the main priority of this year's tourism.

One of the destinations for seaside holidays is the Ionian coastline. In this coastal line there are beaches such as Vlora, Dhërmi, Himara and Saranda, which are large spaces await many visitors, but there are also small, but quite picturesque, intimate beaches suitable for family and social beaches.

One such is the Gulf of Gramat in Orikum.

Exactly located at the foot of the western slope of Mount Canal Rock, west of the Orikum town in the Vlora district.

The sea bay enters a few hundred meters to the ground where it forms a rocky coastline with foothills. There are also some underwater caves.

The natural landscape is very attractive to every visitor. This bay is used a lot to protect ships from storms to the sea.

It has also been used long in antiquity as quarrying. Grammar quarry is well-known in ancient times.

The sailors who accommodated the ships, workers who made rocky blocks used for construction in Illyrian cities and beyond, have also carved the names on the rocky cliffs and many other details that make the visitor inquisitive.

So often the cave that is there is called the cave of the scriptures. Archaeologists have studied and wrote about these historical engraved rock papers.

The values ​​of this natural monument are scientific, historical, cultural and tourist. But today this beautiful sea bay is used as a small and intimate beach.


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