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[:en]Green Card in the US, Albanians mark a record in Europe[:]

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[:en]The United States (USA) continues to remain the dreamland of thousands of Albanians, who do not give up year after year from the lottery to enable them to start a new life on the distant continent. Figures show that Albanians record a record in Europe for obtaining green cards in the last decade in relation to the population. The US Migration Policy Institute has updated the data on the flow of new green permits to all countries of the world from the period 1999-2015. For Albania, since 1999, they have received a total of permanent residence permits of 77,618 persons, with the highest number being recorded in 2006, with 7,916 persons and the lowest in 2003, with 3,362. After 2013, there is an increase in the number of Albanians who have received a 'green card' to reach 4,653 in 2015. The Migration Policy Institute clarifies that the data includes persons who have received permanent residence permits in the fiscal year, regardless of the actual date of their arrival. Monitor has processed the data of the Institute of Migration Policies for the last decade (2005-2015) for all the countries of Europe. From the processed data it turns out that in a decade Green Cards have received about 54,000 Albanians in the US, ranking in absolute value instead of six after the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Poland and Germany. But given that the aforementioned states have a much higher population than Albania, our country holds a record of the Green Card number gained in the last decade relative to the relative size. Albanian beneficiaries of permanent residence permits in the state of dreams over the last decade accounted for 1.85% of the total population that Albania had in 2015. This percentage is much higher than the second place ranked behind us, the one of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 0.7%. Bosnia had a high influx of Green Card receipt until 2005 when the Bosnian state was recovering from the aftermath of the devastating war, then demand dropped to reach just 860 in 2015. In the region, Albania is leading the number of green cards annually. In 2015 Macedonians received 1060 Lek, Montenegrins 251, Serbs 866, Citizens from Kosovo 814. [:]

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