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[:en]Germany concerned about spread of Wahhabism in Kosovo[:]

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[:en]'The German government has expressed concern over the spread of Wahhabism, promoted by the Saudi regime, in Kosovo and other areas in the region. Wahhabism is a radical ideology dominant in Saudi Arabia and freely preached by clerics supported by the regime in Riyadh. The ideology has been a source of inspiration for terrorists worldwide. Daesh and other Takfiri terrorist groups take advantage of Wahhabism to declare people of other faiths "infidels." The idea provides a justification for the terrorists to kill those individuals. Sevim Dagdelen, a Left Party lawmaker, said on Wednesday it was "scandalous" that hard-line Saudi preachers were active in Kosovo under the eyes of Western peacekeepers. Sources within the government have confirmed that argument. According to the German government, donors from Saudi Arabia and certain other Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf are reportedly funding communities in Kosovo to fuel extremism.' davidicke[:]

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