[:en]German pilots refuse to carry out deportations of refugees[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]German pilots refuse to carry out deportations of refugees[:]

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[:en]Many pilots in Germany refuse to take part in deportations, German media reported. The German government has announced that 222 scheduled flights have been canceled this year, as pilots did not want to participate in the return of refugees to Afghanistan, a country of a safe descent, while actually facing violence, writes "Deutche Welle". About 85 of the January-September 2017 refusals came from the German mainline Lufthansa and its Eurowings branch, followed by albinfo.ch. Much of the canceled flights, around 140, were from Frankfurt airport. Lufthansa spokesman Michael Lamberty has said the driver's decision is taken, and he decides whether to pilot or not. If he is concerned about security, then he has a right to refuse. Despite deportation growth, Germany remains the main destination for refugees and immigrants in the European Union, so much so that in 2017, Germany had more asylum applications than all 27 other EU states together. Only in the first six months of this year 388,201 asylum applications were received.[:]

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