[:en]French theater festival, Londo: This collaboration, the future of the Albanian theater[:]

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[:en]Thanks to the ambitious project, the French Theater Festival, with 6 different bodies coming on stage with 25 appearances in six regions of the country, is expected to bring a new face to the Albanian theater. Director Kiço Londo spoke about this collaboration between the Experimental Theater and the French Embassy, ​​which he called the future of the Albanian theater. A new spirit is expected to come to the Albanian Theater thanks to the ambitious project of the French Theater Festival that has started as a collaboration between Experimental Theater Kujtim Spahivogli and the French Embassy. It is about six different bodies that come on stage with 25 appearances in six regions of the country. Director Kiço Londo says this project comes at the right moment and that will be the future of the Albanian theater. On the other hand, actor Gentian Zenelaj said that thanks to this project the theater will go to those areas where it has long been missing. Representative of the French Embassy, ​​Roza Ambizu, said the theater tackles issues of interest to society. "The importance of this theater lies in the fact that social satire is expressed here, and through it are raised issues of the society to which we belong." from Oranews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJxvxwpaBI[:]

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