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France expels them – the Albanian family ends up in hospital

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Asylum seekers who return to Albania for a long time after a long stay in European Union countries experience a drama retrieval. The Tocilla family from Kukes, from France, ended up in a hospital in Tirana. The two young children hardly speak Albanian while their father is severely ill. August 24 is a date that will not be easily forgotten by the Tocilla family hoping to win asylum in France. On the morning of that day, about 5 and a half hours, 7 people, police and civilians took the 4 members of the family from the city of Bordeaux and drove them to the airport and then left for Albania. Today they live with relatives in Tirana and in a room without any income. A French association that helped the family had a protest against the expulsion of the Tocilla family. Silvina is 9 years old and this year she will go to third grade; her brother Besard will start the first grade, but the 5-year-old speaks French, very little Albanian. Fatosi is 48 years old. In 2014 he left with his family from Tirana to France, with ferries to Italy and train to Bordeaux, with borrowed money. He lived a year and a half there until August 24th. The children went to school and kindergarten and an association helped them with asylum procedures. Fatosi once worked in construction, but in 2006 he suffered a car accident and from epilepsy. Before leaving for asylum, the family lived only with 90,000 invalidity allowance that was interrupted when he went to France. As soon as he came to Albania, Fatosi underwent an emergency surgery after he had stomachache. On September 24, the Tocilla family expects the development of a court hearing, hoping to give them the right to return to the missing place.

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