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[:en]In 2016, foreign and joint ventures employed 16% of total employment by 17.7% in 2015, reports INSTAT. Net sales realized by foreign and joint ventures accounted for 22.7% of net sales of resident companies in 2016, while in the previous year this indicator was 24.6%. The investments realized by foreign and joint ventures is 46.9% of total investments in 2016, while in 2015 it was 42%. In the EU countries, Italy (49.6% of employment and 25.2% of net sales) and Greece (10.9% of employment and 13.2% of net sales) in 2016 are the two most of the net employment and sales. Turkey covers 10.4% of employment and 12.5% ​​of net sales and has the largest impact on the group of other countries. In the Western Balkans, Kosovo covers 2.9% of employment and 2.9% of net sales. The group of other countries invested 65.4% of the total investments made by foreign enterprises in 2016. The largest share was invested by Switzerland (42.4%) as a result of investments being made by TAP, where it is also the headquarters of the pipeline. For the EU countries, Austria (14.8%) and Italy (9.9%) dominate the value of investments made during 2016, while for the Western Balkans it is Kosovo (1.5%). EU countries have the largest share of employment in foreign and joint ventures; in 2016, these countries accounted for 74.6% of employment, while in 2015 this indicator was 75.9%. As far as net sales are concerned, the situation looks similar to employment. EU countries have the largest share of net sales in foreign and joint ventures with 60.9% in 2016, from 60.0% in 2015. For the employment index, the highest share of foreign and joint-stock enterprises is in the Processing Industry sector by 38.1% in 2016, which shows an increase of 3.4% compared to 2015. As far as net sales are concerned, during 2016, most of the foreign and joint-stock enterprises are in the Trade sector (22.3%), down by 1.9% compared to 2015 and in the Industry sector (19%) increase by 0.1%. Over the last two years, most of the investments have been realized in the Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Management sectors, respectively by 58.3% in 2016 and 32.9% in 2015, reports INSTAT.[:]

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