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Ere Istrefi, the voice of the 2018 World Cup anthem

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She is a super girl, who has just given her a super news for her career.

He grew up in the streets of Pristina, but his talent, voice and music were not only enjoyed by Kosovars. Ere Istrefi, is the only Albanian singer, grown in Kosovo who has had an international "boom" with Bon Bon song produced by Kosovo Big Bang producer, soon she will have another career breakthrough.

But this is not even the beginning of what Era is expected to do in the days ahead. Prive reveals exclusively that the singer will be part of the song that will be heard anywhere in the world for a whole month.

"Ere Istrefi will make the song of the World Football Cup. The famous actor and singer Will Smith will sing with Erë in this project, in which the producer is the famous DJ Deeplo, and the shooting starts tomorrow. "

The World Football Championship, held every four years this year, will take place from 14 June to 15 July in Russia, while this is one of the most attended events in the world that gathers billions of viewers, whether worshipers or not football.

Kosovarja Era Istrefi, just 23 years old, will be the voice of this world championship, collaborating with an internationally renowned artist such as Will Smith, and being ranked among artists such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia and Jason Derulo.

While the world will be watching football and tying for their countries, Kosovo, although not in the race, will be present with Era Istrefi's voice at THE 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

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