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[:en]Diaspora Strategy, concrete measures by each institution[:]

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[:en]The Diaspora Strategy Project was presented yesterday by the Minister of State for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of the Working Group for drafting the Strategy and Action Plan. In his speech, Minister Majko emphasized the importance of the document, but above all its second part, where all the measures to be taken by each institution are foreseen. Minister Majko said that "you should focus on the part of the Action Plan, as there are also the deadlines for implementation, in such a way that the measures envisaged are concrete and feasible, since each ministry will have relevant initiatives ". The Action Plan Project contains 75 measures that are open to discussion, improvement or other additions. One of the main measures of this plan is the establishment of the Agency for Diaspora and Migration. The creation of the Agency for Diaspora and Migration guarantees the necessary continuity of state policies in this regard. The Agency for Diaspora and Migration is under the responsibility of the Prime Minister but also accountable and informative in the face of the structures of the Assembly. The latter created, for the first time, a special decision for the Sub-Commission on Diaspora and Migration at the Foreign Policy Commission. The Diaspora and Migration Strategy project in its implementation will be complex. It will have quality of multi-sectoral action, which means that most of the measures provided for in its Action Plan will require coordinated intervention of more than one state institution.[:]

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