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[:en]Diaspora seeks Products Made in Albania[:]

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[:en]In the Bronx of New York City, small, unique taste shops fill the whole way with nostalgia. This is the case of thousands of Albanians living in the United States. There are more than 200,000 Albanians living in the United States, where almost half of them are immigrants from Albania. But despite this relatively high number, the official trade of Albanian products in America almost does not exist. This is also stated in a recent study published by the International Development Center at Harvard University on the challenges of developing nostalgic trade to Albanians living in America. Precisely this study refers to AgroWeb.org. "We have studied about 200 Albanian-Americans and some stores that offer products imported from the Balkans in the three metropolitan areas of the US. From the study it turned out that willingness to buy products does not match enough supply. The shops that offer these products are few and often are difficult to find and offer a few products. So says Manuel Orozco, who is the head of the study. According to the data generated by the study, the community of Albanians in America, which consists mainly of the first generation but also of the older generation of Albanians, have shown interest for many of the Albanian products. Almost two-thirds of Albanians said they consume imported products from Albania. But even though 62.7% of Albanians have said they buy imported products from Albania, there are some interesting facts. For example, 87% of Kosovo Albanians claim to buy Albanian products and the 80% of those living in New York ask for them. It is also interesting that the most popular products of American Albanians are meat, cheese followed by alcohol, mostly rakias. These are followed by the traditional coffee consumed in Albania. But if the sausage companion is attached, meat, cheese, the bread of tradition and alcohol are the most prevalent products consumed by this community. But the fact is that not all of the products mentioned are of Albanian origin. Comparing official US food imports data from Albania has a discrepancy with what the Diaspora reports.   When compared to the demand, the nostalgic offer of products from Albania to the diaspora community in the United States is very small. Imports fail to meet the demand. In fact, almost half of Albanians in the US show difficulties in finding their favorite products. Suppliers on the other hand are few in number, too dispersed and limited in providing the products. According to Harvard, the reason why American Albanians do not consume products from their country of origin is that they do not have where to find them. What shows and the wide range of supply-related problems. "If I found Albanian products, I would buy them," many respondents answered. Nostalgic trade is an intact field for Albanian products. Nearly 72% of businesses said they would be willing to add Albanian products in the future. But emphasizing opportunities to expand trade between Albania and the US. freely translated from Agroweb.org[:]

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