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“Days of Albanology”

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[:en]Statistically, 1 to 2 books of memory, science and research are published every day in Albania - of which about 60% of them are published by only one institution: the Albanian Academy of Albanological Studies (former QSA) and its constituent institutes. There are three types of books: those who are sold very much because of advertising, those who are paid to praise a person or event, and those who have qualified readers who are purchased to be held at work desks or in personal libraries. ASA publications belong to the third category - are professional publications on history, literature, linguistics, architecture, cultural heritage, folklore, - are mainly studies that take into account all possible Albanian and foreign archival sources that pass the test of professional editing, and are the only reference publications for foreign authors who write about Albania.. The Academy of Albanological Studies is presenting these days over 50 new publications titles for 2017, a tradition that follows each end in December, inviting those less lovers of the book and science to become part of scientific and professional debates, but also showing that there are such communities that give value to the word, show respect for it and sweat to turn it into value for society and generations to come. A serious state would use this scientific potential for advanced research agenda in the public interest. A serious educational policy would measure the balance of work of academic institutions not by the number of diplomas produced, but by the number of works they create and especially on the values ​​of these works. A serious society would know to make the difference between those who are imposed as a value through money, power and posts to parliament and those who create value for today and the future.[:]

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