[:en]Croatian scholar: The names of Slavic characters are of Albanian descent[:] - Albanians In The World

[:en]Croatian scholar: The names of Slavic characters are of Albanian descent[:]

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[:en]Numerous scholars have been involved with the Albanian alphabet. About this alphabet has been written by Professor of Zagreb University in Croatia, Leopold Gajtler, who in one of his correspondence with Dh. Cambridge of 1878, writes about the alphabet found by Hahn: "As a Slavic scholar I believe, according to my recent studies, and also following that undertaken in western Macedonia, I discovered that the original and ancient Slavic alphabet, called glakolik, was derived from the original and ancient Albanian alphabets that remarkable Hahn has first discovered in Elbasan and has made it known. I am also convinced that even the names of Slavic letters etymologically are of Albanian descent and that they are only explained in Albanian language. " In another letter of the same year in which he thanked Kamard for copying and translating Hahn's excerpts, he wrote: "The origin of the Glagolitic script of the Albanian language is one of the most important cultural manifestations of the Balkans." The two above letters were found by Italian researcher Gaetano Petrotta and were published in the book "Popolo, Lingua e Letteratura Albanese", translated into Albanian in 2008 by the publishing house "Almera". Publication of these letters to the public sparked a strong debate in Yugoslavia in 1932, the year in which the first book was published in Italian. Freely traduced and adapted from the original post on unejamshqiptar.net[:]

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