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Chinese civilization dates back 6,000 years ago!

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Chinese authorities have announced a number of new achievements of a major research project related to China's 5,000-year history, according to CRI.

The study, called "Comprehensive Research on the Origins of Chinese Civilization and Its Early Development," aims to understand how Chinese civilization was formed and how different civilizations were integrated with each other in the country.

The study includes excavations in more than 40 ancient sites, including Liangzhu in Zhejiang Province, Taosi in Shanxi Province and Shimao Shaanxi.

Since 2001, four different phases of the project have been completed.

The excavations have revealed what is believed to be the earliest dam system in the world, the first imperial palace in China, and the prototype of today's Chinese hieroglyphs.

Guan Qiang of the State Bureau of Cultural Relics notes that Chinese civilization is believed to date nearly 6,000 years ago:

"The earliest signs of civilization emerged about 5,800 years ago in the lower and middle streams of the Yellow River and the Jance River as well as along the Liao River's largest tributaries in the southern part of Northeastern China. About 5,300 years ago, we believe all regions in all of today's China have entered a period of civilization. "

Chinese scholars have also discovered that about 3,800 years ago, a more consolidated form of civilization appeared in Central China began to radiate its influence, making the area a major force in expanding Chinese civilization.

They also confirmed that the origin and early development of Chinese civilization is the result of a process of integration of different civilizations. This is thought to have led not only to the establishment of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, but also to the creation of that multiethnic country that is China today.

Meanwhile, scholars have also noted the impact that Chinese civilization has had on the outside, including the introduction of techniques for wheat cultivation, cattle breeding, and brining.

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