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[:en]Cars in Albania “are 20 years old”[:]

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[:en]Cars in Albania have an "age" of about 20 years, far away from 10.2, which is the average age in the European Union. This can have an impact on the environment for the worse. Concerned about the negative impact on the environment, India, France, Britain and Norway have set targets to maximize by 2040 the sale of diesel and gasoline cars in favor of cleaner vehicles. At least 10 other countries have set targets for electric cars, writes 'monitor'. Albania, like in many other areas, seems to have years of light away from this way of thinking and acting. According to data from Automobile Club Albania (ACA), the vehicle park in Albania "is about 20 years old", while 10.2 is the average age in the European Union, follows albinfo.ch. In total, according to data processed by ACA, in Albania there are about 435 thousand cars registered. 87% of the registered vehicles are standard Euro 1, 2 and 3, with production year up to 2005. With the Euro 5 and 6 standard there are only 14 thousand registered vehicles or 3.3% of the total. 80% of the vehicles registered in 2015 had a production year up to 2005 and standard up to Euro 3. Since August 2011, when customs duties on old cars were lifted, their import was markedly increased.[:]

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